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Cleansing your Crystals

  • Moonlight: Let your crystals bathe in the full moon light

  • Rice: bury your crystals in brown rice over night

  • Sound:  use a singing bowl

  • Himalayan salt & water: some crystals cannot get wet

  • Rain or spring water: picture the water washing away any negative energy

  • *SMUDGING *:burn sage stick and let the smoke go through your crystals and remove any negative energy

Charging your Crystals

  • Sunlight and Moonlight will both charge your crystals but the sunlight may fade some crystals

  • Physical touch & Intention: hold the crystals in your hand and picture a white light going through cleansing and charging them.

  • Clear Quartz and Amethyst cluster can both charge your crystals

Program your Crystals

Remember that crystals work best when you set specific intentions for them! So just let your crystal know what you want it to do for you.

crystals that cant be in water                crystals affected by sunlight

  • malachite                                             Amethyst                                     

  • calcite                                                 Aventurine

  • labradorite                                           Aquamarine

  • selenite                                                Citrine

  • kunzite                                                 Flourite

  • angelite                                               Rose quartz                                                                                                   Smoky Quartz

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